A Brief History of Public Education, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and ICT in Public Education in Nepal

Keywords: ICT, Public education in Nepal, ICT in public education in Nepal, ICT in education
Hitesh Karki - Kathmandu University School Of Management, Lalitpur, Nepal
Published Date: 2019-04-03

Nepal’s public education has a somewhat dubious history. Over the course of more than a century it has seen a rapid growth playing an instrumental role in bringing about changes in the sociopolitical arena. However, its qualitative aspect has always been questioned while its quantitative aspect has been somewhat appreciated. In order to enhance the quality of education, especially in the last two decades, ICT, Information and Communication Technology, has been looked into as one of the potential elements in bringing about much needed qualitative improvement in Nepal’s education system. As a result, attempts have been made to make use of ICT in its public education system from both government and non-governmental agencies. This paper tries to understand historical development of ICT, public education system and attempts being made to integrate ICT in public education.

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